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You have the power to become a successful author! With the Author Advertising Kit, you can unlock your potential and get your book out there to a whole new audience. Get ready to take your book sales to the next level – from preparing for author visits and live videos, setting up speaking engagements and bundling deals, and getting more book reviews! 


What's included:


  • A book business card that expresses gratitude to customers informs them of additional books or resources you offer, tell them how to follow you, and asks them to leave reviews for your books on Amazon.

  • A hanging banner or retractable banner that is great for author appearances, vending events, and as a backdrop while taking live recordings. (1.6' x 3' Banner, 2' x 4' Banner, 3' x 4' Banner, 2' x 6' Banner, 2' x 8' Banner, 3' x 6' Banner, 3' x 8' Banner)

  • A page author-book sheet/media kit outlining your book's theme, benefits, identity, and the places readers can find you and purchase your books.

  • Flyers (4in x 6in or 5in x 7in) 




All Sales are Final. The customer will review the content created before the final files are delivered. If the client wants to make changes after services are complete, there will be an additional service charge. 

Author Advertising Kit

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